What Will I Learn?

  History of Spinel
  Basic properties of Spinel
  Synthetic and Treatments of Spinel
  Sources of Spinel
  Quality grading Based on 4’Cs
  Spinel pricing
2 days     USD 1,000

Unlock the secrets of Spinel with our comprehensive course designed for beginners, gemology students, and enthusiasts alike. This course provides a thorough introduction to Spinel it’s history, sources as well as covering basic properties, quality grading and pricing based on the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight), and insights into synthetic and treated spinels. Varieties of Spinel collection is waiting for you to practice with and help you get to the next level as a Spinel expert!

This course is suitable for:

  • Beginners eager to delve into the world of gemstones
  • Gemology students seeking a practical understanding of Spinel
  • Spinel enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge
  • Gem and jewelry shop, pop-up event, and auction staff aiming to enhance their expertise
  • Entrepreneurs in the Gems and Jewelry industry seeking a competitive edge
  • Colored stone lovers passionate about expanding their gemological knowledge

Embark on this educational journey to become a Spinel connoisseur, equipped with the skills to identify, grade, and appreciate the beauty of this captivating gemstone.

Join us and unravel the mysteries of Spinel in the fascinating realm of gemology!

2 days     USD 1,000
2 days     USD 1,000