Frequently Asked Questions

In order to become a fully qualified gemologist with AIGS, you need to attain a full Accredited Gemologist (A.G.) qualification, which is awarded upon successful completion of the following four pre-requisite modules:

Almost. The only restriction is that Gem Identification - or an equivalent foundation-level gemological course at another institution, such as Gem-A’s Foundation Diploma - must be taken before Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification can be attempted.

Usually we request that students finish all four modules within a twelve-month period. However, we understand that unexpected personal, financial or medical circumstances can make this difficult - especially for those coming to Thailand to study from abroad - so we try to take a student’s personal situation into account when this deadline is not met.

Yes. We find that Colored Stone Grading and Pricing is popular for those who do not want to go too deep into scientific fundamentals taught in the most full gemological programs. Conversely, Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification tends to be popular with students who already have a full gemological qualification elsewhere (FGA, GG, etc.), as this very advanced and technical course is generally regarded as being the best of its kind.

The price of a full Accredited Gemologist (A.G.) diploma will be US$11,000.
The individual four units are priced as follows: Gem Identification (US$5,000), Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification (US$3,000), Colored Stone Grading and Pricing (US$2,500) and Diamond Grading and Pricing (US$2,000).

All of our teaching staff are qualified gemologists, as they possess either a G.G. and/or our own A.G. In addition, all of our instructors are active within the industry outside of academia, either as gem traders, lab gemologists or jewelry designers.

As per the course title, this course is centered around the inclusion-based visual detection of synthetic and enhanced gemstones. Some basic theoretical background with regards to the apparatus, procedures and chemistry involved will be included within the notes, but the practical side will be based around visual identification only.

While our gemological and design departments are part of the same organization and contained within the same building, they have, academically speaking, almost no overlap in terms their content.
While those looking to become gemologists or loose stone merchants are unlikely to have much need for jewelry design, the reverse is certainly not true, However, that said, a full A.G. diploma would probably be excessive for someone looking to force a career exclusively in jewelry design, so in such circumstances we would recommend a shorter course such as Gem Identification (8 weeks), Colored Stone Grading and Pricing (2 weeks) or Introduction to Gemology (5 days), depending on your schedule and/or budget. This is, of course, in addition to our specialist jewelry design courses.

Aside from the prerequisite mentioned for Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification already discussed, our courses do not necessitate applicants to have achieved any specific qualifications.
However, all classes are taught in English unless otherwise indicated. Students who enroll in courses should have a good command in reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English. Assistance in English will not be provided by AIGS.

Unfortunately we do not offer discounts at this time. However, you may follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates.

No, the Introduction to Gemology course is only for those who only want a very basic gemological foundation - such as the situation described for a jewelry designer in the answer above - or for those who have not yet decided whether or not they want to commit to a full gemological qualification. Everything included within the Introduction to Gemology course would be covered again, and with more detail, in the Gem Identification unit of the full A.G. diploma.

Applications for any AIGS course can be made on our Registration page ( However, please note that a guaranteed seat on a course can only be offered once full payment has been received by AIGS.

Full payment of the tuition fee must be paid 60 days (1 month) before the class begins. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that these payments are made on time. Seating is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Requirement about Age, Languages and Gemological Proficiency please CLICK for more details.

Information regarding the various available methods of payment - as well as a description of our refunds policy - can be found on our Payment page (

Payments to AIGS can be made by using any one of the following 3 methods as follow :
Credit card/Alipay : When an applicant register on our website, the payment link will be on your registration email.

Cash or Cheque : You can visit us at AIGS school anytime during office hours Monday - Friday from 08.30 - 17.30 hours. (Please note that 11.30 - 12.30 hours. is lunch break)

Bank transfer : Please CLICK for more details about AIGS account, after making a payment via bank transfer, please notify AIGS via email (

As for accommodations, we don't have a specific recommendation. However you may narrow your search to the Silom or Sathorn areas of Bangkok.

We provide all study materials and textbooks, students no need to buy or bring any instrument.

Yes, we run only the 3.5 months A.G. program at this time, because this allows students to complete the Accredited Gemologist Diploma in a shorter period of time. This A.G. program is exactly the same as the 6-month A.G. program except students will have to study the whole day.

For short courses such as Jewelry Design courses, Gemology courses (Synthetic and Treated Gem Identification, Colored Stone Grading and Pricing, Diamond Grading and Pricing) and other courses which are not over 2 months, a tourist visa may be sufficient.

The Accredited Gemologist (A.G.) Program may require a student visa, please follow this link for how to apply for student visa :

AIGS is located at the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) 48th Fl.(nearby Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom Hotel) Here is the link of How to get to AIGS for your convenience :